What is Innings?

Innings will explore the world of Life-Improvement through the lens of Psychology and Philosophy.

It is an attempt to help you better understand yourself and the world around you.

It will look at evergreen, universal questions such as:

  • Is growth the secret to happiness?

  • Should you become comfortable with discomfort?

  • When should you put all your eggs in one basket, and when should you diversify?

  • How should you deal with anxiety?”.

Will the articles be long and boring?

If it’s long, it’s not going to be boring. I’ve heard that somewhere.

Innings will consist of articles of ~1500 words, interspersed with home-made graphics like the ones you can find on our Instagram. If you don’t follow us there yet, you’re missing out.

Will it clog up my inbox?

To avoid clutter and maintain quality, I will only publish content twice a month.

No spam.

Do I have to pay to subscribe?

Innings is free for now. When I feel less generous, I’ll turn on paid subscriptions.

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Exploring the intersection of Psychology, Philosophy and Self-Improvement.